The geotechnical study makes it possible to take into account the nature of the formations by constituting the subsoil of the site where it is planned to carry out a development.  

This study makes it possible to adapt the project (building, bridge, road, etc...) to the envisaged site, to define the system of formation of the work with the best safety/cost ratio. 

A serious geotechnical study contributes to the success and durability of a structure. 

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Odoo • Image et Texte
The Works Department is made up of a team, 3
engineers, 2 senior technicians, 4 sounders, as well as highly qualified and experienced sounding and manoeuvring assistants, and a fleet of vehicles and machinery made up of the following main means :

In addition, the Works Department has a wide range of equipment and test materials that enable it to carry out a wide range of investigations, both on the surface and at depth.    

   Surveys by shovel ;
   Destructive probing by rotation and roto-percussion with parameter recording;
Traditional and cable core drilling ;
Taking intact samples ;
Dynamic penetrometer survey ;
Pressuremeter tests ;
SPT tests ;
Installation and monitoring of piezometers ;
Water tests: Pumping, Lugeon, Lefranc ;

The main means

Company team

  10 Off-road cars

   For the transport of personnel and materials 

Company team

4 Probes

1 Joy 12 / 1 Sedridrill 200/ 

1 EMCI 700 / 1 MK 420

Company team

2 Heavy trucks

For the transport of machines and materials   

Company team

  4 Dynamic Penetrometers

with different masses of sheep (one of 64 kg, two of 20 kg and a manual of 10 kg).

Company team

Pressiometric test station  

  4 pressuremeter test stations